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White Linen Belted Biking Shorts


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White Linen Belted Biking Shorts


White Linen Belted Biking Shorts


Spring chic bottoms! A pair of essential shorts in a cotton bodice solid all throughout. Features a an interesting print and side zipper. Detailed with side pockets and 1 in belt.  Can be rolled up! Durable Fabric! Great for biking! Pair with stylish matching floral crop top.

Shorts made with reclaimed materials.

Handmade. One of a kind. Made in USA. Made in a small studio in Sacramento, CA

1 Small Size              Approx Waist 28', Hips34' , 5' inseam      Zipper Light Blue color

1 Medium Size   Approx Waist 32', Hips37' , 5' inseam   Zipper Light Blue color

1 Large Size       Approx Waist 35', Hips40' , 5' inseamZipper Light Blue color

Materials: Tapestry, Upholstery fabrics. 100 % Cotton.

Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Normal Dry

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