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About Anastasia

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About Anastasia

In 2015 Anastasia had an opportunity to be part of wardrobe department team for movie  'Trouble Sleeping’. She worked there along with the movie costume designer Camille Jumelle where the lead actress Vanessa Angel wore her dress for one of the scenes.

Since  2017 worked as a Costume Designer with Producers Mark S Allen and Howard Burd on 3 other movies. With featured actors such as Kevin Pollak, Mena Suvari, Jon Abrahams, Elizabeth Rhom, Jerry O'Connel, and Cody Christian.

Currently working with local Sacramento news hosts Bethany Crouch(Good Day Sacramento) ,Lisa Gonzales (Fox 40), and  Mark S Allen (ABC10 ).

Anastasia Kryukova began her fashion design career at the young age of 14, in her hometown of Tula, Russia.  While studying at Moscow State University, a very reputable fashion institute in Russia, she honed her craft and was able to land a highly coveted position as assistant to a very distinguished wedding dress designer. It was here, that Anastasia was able to learn the art of couture and began to really develop her artistry. 

Uninhibited yet refined, is a USA brand whose blend of classic Folk Russian style and freedom of American textiles yields contemporary pieces with just the right amount of edge. Designed and crafted in the small studio in Sacramento, CA, each ofhigh-end pieces is intricately hand-loomed from the most colorful all-natural fibers.
This is the creation of the creative mind of Russian interpreter and designer Anastasia Kryukova who values detail and craftsmanship in everything she does. 

Arriving in 2006, Anastasia knew it was time to put her studies and creative passions to work, by creating her line “Be AK couture”.  Despite the typical hurdles of acclimating in a foreign country, pursuing a career in fashion was even more ambitious.  Yet Anastasia’s work speaks to her determination and her dedication.  Her line is a beautiful representation of her own spirit- it is unique, rich with culture, and anything but average.  Anastasia’s designs allow for both men and women to creatively express themselves in a comfortable and fashion-forward manner.  

At any given time, Anastasia can be found sketching, sourcing new fabrics, and organizing fashion shows to celebrate her latest designs, as well as the work of other local designers.


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